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Jean-Noël THOREL, Founder of Skin Bioecology.

" When the skin suffers, instead of over-treating it,
it is better to re-educate it. "

This principle guides and informs all my research goals i.e. to optimize the metabolic capacity of skin cells and to help them maintain this capacity over time.

I am absolutely convinced that skin aging is not inevitable and that the priority of any skincare product should be to maintain healthy skin, as:

  • beauty is health you can see,
  • well-being is health you can feel.

My greatest desire is to design products that are truly useful, effective and safe and:

  • that do not work against age but with age
  • that do not work against the sun but with the sun,
  • and that have long-lasting effects.

Jean-Noël Thorel 

Creator of Institut Esthederm products
Pharmacist, Biologist and Cell Expert