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Institut Esthederm combines health, beauty and well-being expertise and its name reflects itS foundations and mission.

  • Institut
    (institute in English), refers to the notion of a research and teaching establishment¬ but also a place where beauty treatments are administered - a temple of well-being.
    as in esthétique (aesthetic in English), refers to the science of beauty and the brand's quest for perfection.
  • DERM
    refers to the inner layer of skin, which Institut Esthederm skincare products target to promote youthful looking skin.

Created in 1978, Institut Esthederm is a French premium skincare brand offering a wide range of innovative beauty and age management products. All formulas are designed to preserve the skin balance and to slow down the biological aging processes. The Time Control System patent is used in all Esthederm face care products to respond to the natural aging process.

One of the main pillars of the brand is the Cellular Water Technology. Inspired by skin’s own water, Cellular Water is a genuine “energy bomb”. It restores freshness, radiance and vitality to the skin and boosts the effectiveness of all other products. 

Institut Esthederm believes in a positive vision of light. Keeping the positive effects of the sun, Uv InCellium patent stimulates cells capacity to protect themselves and prevent skin from aging and producing free-radicals.

Finally, Institut Esthederm offers a unique expertise of professional beauty salons treatments provided by our skin beauty experts: manual know-how, exclusive manual protocols and tactile sensoriality.